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Reflections & Refractions

Quo Vadis

What do our shadows get up to when we ignore them for too long?

Myriad Light Offerings

Auspicious Occasion: Light offering at the great Stupa of Boudhanath in Kathmandu. Each of the little withered Buddha statues at the bottom of the great cupola (way up on the top pedestal) receives a candle which is then lit.


Over sixty years after Dien Bien Phu. Coffee and old bicycles. And lots of attitude.

Wrathful Abandon

Wrath is just another expression of our mind. If we don’t mind too much, abandon comes naturally.

Wild Writer

Words are fierce and dangerous. It takes a brave mind to dare and tame them.

Misty River Mystery

A landscape that puts you straight into an ancient Vietnamese painting. Then, a painting that puts you straight back into that mysterious Vietnamese Landscape.


No matter how hot the summer gets, coolness is inevitable.

Bright Lights in Saigon

A Spring Night in Saigon. Early April is the hottest time of the year there. The lights of Saigon are bright in any season, of course.

New Year New Horizon

A lofty 42 (sic!) floors above the bay of Nha Trang the New Year opens new horizons. Any year that starts out like that can surprise you. Well, any year can, for that matter.

Lotus Stupa

Sometimes a stupa, symbol of enlightened mind self-arises. And sometimes it is helped along by Pema (Lotus).

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